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If you’re interested in developing your blog or working on your writing but aren’t sure where to start, then welcome to Blogging U!

Our next offerings start this Monday, September 15. Blogging 101 is a month of bite-size assignments to help you build up your blog, and Writing 101 is a write-every-day challenge to help you build a writing habit and push you as a writer.

Blogging U. challenges are completely free, and a whole lot of fun. We’ll offer our best guidance and resources, and you’ll complete the exercises on your own time and in a way that works for you. Each challenge also has its own private community site for feedback and support — a great way to make connections that will keep you inspired and motivated.

Both challenges kick off on Monday. Fill out this quick form to register; you’ll receive a welcome email on Monday, and you’ll find the first posts…

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Interview Ready

Interview Ready
My friend informed me of an interview she had and wanted me to help her out. She specified that she wanted to wear a dress, so I chose something effortless like this grey sheath dress paired with this black blazer! Feel free to add an accessory or two, something of course interesting, or you can always keep it simple. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a simple closed toe shoe. I chose these pointed toe pumps because to me, they look powerful and they elongate the body! I think it is great to go to an interview with a well thought out and put together outfit. I know appearance isn’t everything, but it is the very first impression you make on the interviewer ( well besides that firm handshake), and a great professional outfit will tell him/her that you mean business! I believe this chic powerful look is perfect for any interview, or for just a day in the office!

Oasis cotton jacket
$88 –

Jimmy choo shoes

Victoria Beckham leather handbag
$2,110 –

Gold necklace

Inspiration, Motivation

As we all know, I am totally new at this. What finally gave me the courage to begin sharing my thoughts, fashion tips, and everything else under the moon, was of course my friends, family and constant motivational quotes. Particularly this planner that I bought last fall semester of college, which have great uplifting quotes, phrases, and mantras that have definitely played a major role in my progress to being a positive and confidant human being.  So, every day that I look in this planner, I not only feel uplifted and inspired, but I stay organized too!


Stay motivated and inspired!


Much love,





Welcome to SmGstyles! A blog about me, Samantha, and everything I love!
With the new year/school semester beginning, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally begin my blog! I have a deep love for fashion and design and the dream is to become a Haute Couture and possibly ready-to-wear designer, but for right now I am a “stylist”. Currently, I am a seamstress for a lovely boutique in Houston. I love every moment that I go into work! I also love food and I am definitely a cook but far far far from a pastry chef. However, I do love to bake and both are great passions of mine! And one more thing, I’ve been on a weight loss journey for a few years now and I hope to share this journey and all my endeavors with all of you!
Stay tuned, and much love!
~ Samantha